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Campaign Hook:

Due to the dangers of the wilderness, one of the safest ways to traverse the roads of the Cathitian Kingdoms is by caravan. Merchants and mercenaries alike will often band together to get from place to place. You are a part of one such caravan traveling to the Village of Wolfwater. Wolfwater is a small fishing city, a little out of the way from the most common caravan routes, but a good place to stop and trade wares and rest. Why you are going there is up to you. Are you supposed to meet someone? On the run? Just exploring the countryside? Or is your only reason for traveling there because it's a stop on the caravan's route? I don’t know. YOU’RE the player, you tell me.

Basic Information:

You are all from somewhere in the Cathitian Kingdoms, a collection of countries ruled over by the larger nation of Cathitias. You may create a kingdom within this collective, or you can be from the primary nation of Cathitias.

The Cathitian Kingdoms are made up of mostly humans, however there are a handful of other mundane races that inhabit some of the Kingdoms. The following are the races that are definitely playable, along with how common they are in the world. If you wish to play something not on this list, ask me about it and I’ll let you know if we can make it work.

  • Human: Humans are the most common race in the Cathitian Kingdoms, and make up a large majority of the population.
  • Half Wood-Elf: Half-elves make up a small portion of the population of the Cathitian Kingdoms. While they are fewer in numbers than their pure elven parents, they can more easily blend into human society. For example, a half elf who enters a human village is often greeted with wonder, or seen as a mysterious figure but otherwise the citizens would view them in a neutral light.
  • Wood Elf: Wood elves have their own Kingdom in the Cathitian Kingdoms, but still make up a small portion of the overall populace. They rarely leave their woodland home, and as such most common folk have never even seen a pure-elf. When one does roll into town, they are met with suspicion. Unlike their half-elven children, elves aren’t generally trusted by humans. The lack of a shared blood, and the secrecy and seclusion of the elves naturally makes many humans warry of their presence.
  • Half Orc: Half orcs are about as common as half-elves, however if one were to wander into a human village, they would be more likely met with torches and pitchforks than smiles and wonder-filled gazes. Most humans can’t tell the difference between a half orc and an orc. Orc raiders are a major problem for many parts of the Kingdoms. Half-orcs rarely have happy stories behind how they were conceived, and rarely have happy lives after that. Those that choose to leave their orc clans often find they must live as hermits, as most other races tend to regard them as monsters.
  • Hill Dwarfs: Live Wood elves, the hill dwarves have their own land within the Cathitian Kingdoms. The dwarves however are more common to the common folk than elves. Some human settlements might even have a hill dwarf family living there as well. A traveling dwarf coming into a village would be more of a pleasant highlight of a day, rather than a mysterious event worthy of immediate caution.
  • Half-Hill Dwarves: Half-dwarves make up a very small portion of the population, despite the closer relationship between humans and hill dwarves. Half-dwarves are more likely to be found living in primarily human settlements than among their dwarven parents. (If you want to play a half dwarf, I can send you the information.)
  • Again, if you’d like to be a race other than what was listed shoot me a message and I’ll let you know if it’s do able. Most races from the 5e source books exist in this world, but not all are found in your region.

Home Page

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